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Sterling Silver Post Earrings

Amethyst Front
Color Choice
Color Choice
Amethyst Front
Amethyst Side
Amber Front
Amber Side
Black Front
Black Side
Cobalt Front
Cobalt Side
Clear Front
Clear Side
Emerald Front
Emerald Side
Mason Jar Front
Mason Jar Side
Olive Front
Olive Side
Pink Front
Pink Side
Ruby Front
Ruby Side
White Front
White Side
On Ear

Glowing petite 6mm gems are handmade from the gathered broken antique glass, ground and fired.  Nestled in beautiful .925 sterling silver settings, each piece includes "The Story of the Glass" detailing the history and age of the glass used.  


Available in:


Aqua, from vintage Mason Jars

Pink, from antique pink depression glass

Cobalt, from vintage Noxzema Jars

Amethyst, from early 1900's medcine bottles

Emerald, from 1960's green beer bottles

Ruby, from World War II era beer bottles

Amber, from vintage Clorox Jugs

Olive, from early 1900's wine bottles

Black, from antique black depression glass

White, from 1960's Pond's Cold Cream jars

Clear, from vintage milk bottles

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